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SuDoku v1.0 for the Palm (over a million different puzzles)

Screen Shots
SuDoku v1.0
Uses 79kb of PalmOS RAM
Minimum PalmOS: 2.0
Screen size: Any


SuDoku is a simple but addictive game.

Fill in the empty squares with numbers 1 through 9. You can't put the same number more than once in any one row, column, or 3x3 box. When the puzzle is successfully completed there will be no empty squares and each number will appear once in every row, column, and 3x3 box.

Over a million automatically generated authentic SuDoku puzzles of four levels of difficulty are provided.

Alternatively you can enter and solve your own or published puzzles.


  • one-handed navigation support.
  • one-tap digit entry support.
  • Standard 9x9 SuDokugrid.
  • Enter and solve your own or published puzzles.
  • Over a million preset puzzles - they have only one solution and can be solved by logic alone.
  • Non-digit symbols. Optionally play with letters, maths symbols, or boxes instead of digits.
  • Optional digit cross-hatching and other solving aids.
  • Hint functions - show the square the software would complete next, wrong entries, remove wrong entries, correct wrong entries.
  • Optional pencil marks (none, manual, or automatic).
  • Game level display (Easy, Medium, Hard, Tough).
  • Optional puzzle selection by entering its 10 digit puzzle ID.
  • Stats of current game and overall playing history.
  • Store/Recall games(full state recorded, e.g. time, stats, undo history, pencil marks etc.).
  • Export/Import puzzles to/from memos and SD/MMC card.
  • General preferences settings for entry validation, pencil marks, symmetric puzzles, auto off timer, etc.
  • Display preferences to select monochrome, large fonts, left handed display, etc.

Sudoku is a registered mark of Nikoli within Japan.

SuDoku One Overview


How to Play view zip(83K) pdf(59K)

SuDoku User Guide view zip(175K) pdf(163K)

A good site for general information and tips on game play is

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